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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

     We collaborate with third-party logistics service providers, referred to as 'Logistics Partners,' to facilitate the shipping and delivery of products to you. The details of the Logistics Partner responsible for processing the shipping and delivery of any purchased products on the website will be provided when the product is processed and handed over to the Logistics Partner.

        Products are typically dispatched within 2 to 4 days of receiving the order on Sonicvision. The estimated delivery timeline will be conveyed to the user on the order confirmation page when the order is finalized. Details about your orders will also be shared via email or mobile number provided by you or registered with us.

            It's important to note that while we primarily utilize our Logistics Partners for product delivery, we retain the right to ship and deliver products on our own without involving third-party service providers.

Additionally, we aim to ship and deliver our products throughout India; however, we may, at our discretion, designate specific areas as unserviceable for product delivery. In such cases, neither we nor our Logistics Partners will provide shipping and delivery services in these unserviceable areas, and orders from these areas will not be processed on the website. If an area is determined to be unserviceable, we will notify the user when placing an order on the website. Users can also confirm the serviceability of their area for deliveries by entering the relevant area pin-code on Sonicvision.

               You consent and acknowledge that, to ensure the timely delivery of purchased products, we may request or gather specific information from you, such as your name, shipping address, billing address, landmarks, contact details, and more. It's your responsibility to ensure that all information submitted by you on the website is truthful, comprehensive, accurate, and adequate to pinpoint the exact delivery location.

                  You understand that you bear full responsibility in the event of any failure on our part to deliver the purchased products due to your omission of correct, complete, sufficient, and accurate information during the order placement. It's important to clarify that we will not be held liable in any manner, at any point, due to your omission of accurate and complete information necessary for us to successfully deliver the products.

                    We will make every effort to deliver the purchased product to the address you have designated within the estimated delivery timeline we've provided. If you are not available or present to accept the product delivery, our Logistics Partners will make a maximum of three (3) delivery attempts. In the event that the third delivery attempt is unsuccessful, and you remain unavailable, we retain the right to cancel the order for the purchased products at our discretion. The product will then be returned to its original source. Furthermore, we reserve the right to deduct the shipping and delivery charges incurred by us when processing any refunds following such cancellation.

While we strive to ensure the timely delivery of purchased products in accordance with the notified timeline, you agree and acknowledge that delivery may be subject to delays due to the following reasons


  1. Logistics challenges that are beyond our control.

  2.  Adverse weather conditions.

  3. Disruptions are caused by political events, strikes, or employee lockouts.

  4. Natural disasters like floods and earthquakes.

  5. Other unexpected and unforeseeable circumstances.

         In situations where there are delays, we will make reasonable efforts to notify you by sending a message to your registered email ID and/or mobile number. We want to clarify that we are not liable for any consequences that might arise if we fail to inform you of delivery delays. Furthermore, we are not obligated to provide compensation for any claims that might arise due to delays in the shipment, delivery, or use of the purchased products.

                  After placing an order on, we process the order and entrust the purchased product to our Logistics Partner. You will receive a unique tracking identity number once the product is handed over to the Logistics Partner. This tracking number allows you to monitor the delivery status of your purchased products. You can use this tracking identity number on the Sonicvision website or on the website and/or mobile application of our Logistics Partner to check the status and location of the purchased product, as well as its estimated time of delivery. Our operations and service teams work in coordination with the Logistics Partners to ensure the prompt delivery of products and make reasonable efforts to ensure that the tracking status is updated in real time. It's important to note that we collaborate with third-party service providers for product deliveries, and therefore, we cannot guarantee the complete accuracy or correctness of the tracking status. The status may be subject to inconsistencies due to delays in updating information and other technical issues that are beyond our control.

                We retain the right to impose shipping fees on products periodically. The specific shipping charges may vary depending on factors such as the product's value, type, delivery location, payment method, and more. If we do charge shipping fees for a product's delivery, please note that such fees will not be refunded in the event you request a return. However, there can be exceptions where we may refund the shipping fees if a defective, damaged, deficient, or incorrect product (for reasons confirmed by us after due verification at our discretion) has been delivered.

Return & Exchange Policy

          In the event of quality issues, packaging defects resulting in item damage, or the delivery of the wrong product, please contact us via email or our customer care number to report your concerns. When providing the details, kindly include the following information: a) order number, b) item name(s), c) a picture of the problematic product, and d) a description of the issue. Please be aware that any such concerns must be communicated to us within twenty-four (24) hours from the time of order delivery. We will make every effort to address your concern and provide our feedback promptly. It's important to note that complaints received after twenty-four (24) hours of delivery will not be considered.

            After we receive the return package you've sent, we will acknowledge its arrival. Subsequently, we will conduct a physical inspection of the product in question. If, following the inspection, we determine that the concern you raised was valid, our team will contact you and provide a coupon code equivalent to the value of the product. You can use this coupon code to make purchases on the Sonicvision website for an amount equal to the value of the coupon. Please be aware that specific terms and conditions apply, and it's important to note that cash refunds will not be issued.

              If you have received an email and/or SMS indicating that your order has been delivered, but you have not actually received the delivery, please contact us by email or call our customer care number within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving this notification. We will investigate your concern, and after confirming its validity, our team will take the necessary actions

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